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Effective Date: December 11, 2018
Last Modified Date: December 11, 2018

Twenty1 Productions Inc. / (the “Company”) respects the privacy of the users and members of (the “Site”) and desires transparency when it comes to what we do to protect your privacy when you visit and interact with the Site. This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) describes the types of information the Company collects, what we do with that information, how we share that information, and your choices regarding the dissemination of your personal information. Please read this Policy carefully, as your use of the Site constitutes your acceptance of the provisions of the Privacy Policy. If you have any questions after you have reviewed the Policy, please feel free to email us at or mail us at 303 N Glenoaks Blvd, Ste 200 Burbank, CA 91502.

  1. Revision. The Company reserves the right to update this Policy from time-to-time, and you acknowledge that the Company possesses this right by using, accessing, or joining the Site.
    1. Your use of the Site constitutes your intent and acknowledgement to be bound by the terms of this Policy.
    2. You should check this page regularly for any revisions to the Policy. If the Company has revised it, the “Modified Date” on the top of this page will note the date that it was last revised. If you visit this page and notice a new “Modified Date”, you must review the Policy for changes before you proceed in accessing the Site.
    3. You agree that, each time you visit the Site, you will be bound by the Policy in place at that time.
  2. Information Collected. The Company collects information from members and non-members of the Site.
    1. Non-members. The Company collects information using cookies. Information collected via cookies is not personally identifiable but does give your geographic location and your IP address. You are free to turn off cookies in your web browser. However, the Company warns that the Site might not function properly if you do and your ability to access the Site might be effected.
    2. Members. The Company additionally uses cookies to collect information from members. In addition to your IP address and location, cookies can also provide the Site with your username. Additionally, when you join the Site as a member, you are required to disclose certain information to the Company, including your name, your email address, your mailing address, your credit card or bank account number, your telephone number, and other personally identifiable information. If the information that you provide to the Company changes or becomes inaccurate for any reason, you are required to notify us within 72 hours of that information becoming inaccurate at
    3. Third parties. The Company may also obtain data from third parties about you if you have consented to share that data with those third parties.
    4. Retention. The Company reserves the right to maintain and store all information that it has collected regarding all of its users (members and non-members) in its database.
    5. Your actions. If you exchange email or other communications or correspondence with the Company, that constitutes the sharing of additional information that the Company may collect.
    6. Third parties. If the Company makes offers from third parties available on the Site, you understand and acknowledge that the Company’s Privacy Policy does not bind those third parties. You should review the privacy policies of third parties prior to providing any information to them. If you do provide information to third parties whose goods and services are available on the Site, you consent that those third parties may share your information with the Company.
  3. Use of Collected Information.
    1. Use of site. The Company’s primary use of the information it collects is to enhance your experience on the Site and to ensure that you have uninterrupted access to the Site. Our collection of cookies allows the Company to save your preferences and to tailor the Site to those preferences.
    2. Marketing. The Company may also use cookies and other passively acquired information for market research and to track the interests of the Site’s members for advertising purposes.
    3. Operation of the Site. Sometimes, it might be necessary for the Company to share your information to ensure that the Site operates properly. For instance, disclosing your information might be necessary to protect against or detect issues of fraud or security.
    4. Legal purposes. The Company reserves the right to use your information to assist us in collecting any monies that you might owe the Company. This includes sharing your information with a lawyer or a debt collector. The Company may additionally use your information to stop you from violating the Terms of Use, including the Company’s intellectual property policies contained therein.
    5. Civil matters not involving the Company. The Company will not share your information in any civil matter not involving the Company with any third party without a court order or valid subpoena. If the Company is presented with a court order or a valid subpoena, it reserves the right to charge the requesting party for the time, labor, and materials expended in responding. Time and labor are currently charged at a rate of $225/hour, and copies are charged at a rate of $1.00/page.
    6. Criminal matters. With regard to criminal matters, the Company reserves the right to cooperate with law enforcement, including providing law enforcement with all of the information that the Company has in its possession.
    7. Notice. Regarding Paragraphs 3.e and 3.f, the Company may provide you notice that a third party or law enforcement office has requested your information in order to provide you with the opportunity to attempt to quash any subpoena or court order. However, the Company reserves the right to produce your information without notice to you if it determines that doing so is in the best interests of the Company, the Site, or its members.
  4. Security. The Company shall take reasonable efforts to ensure that your sensitive information, including your personally identifying information, remains secure. Any time the Company transmits personally identifying and other sensitive information, it takes reasonable measures to safely transmit that information. However, no security system is perfect. Therefore, the Company cannot guarantee that its systems will never be infiltrated by hackers or other cyber-criminals. You acknowledge and accept all risk that breaches may occur even with these protections in place. The Company reserves the right to transmit non-personally identifying information for any purpose.
  5. Emails. From time-to-time, the Company and you may exchange emails.
    1. You should not consider any email to the Company to be private or secure. Please do not transmit any information to the Company via email that you intend to remain secure.
    2. The Company’s emails to you might include matters that the Company thinks you will find interesting, including but not limited to new services offered on the Site. Emails from the Company to you are not SPAM, as you have a business relationship with the Company that was consummated when you joined the Site.
  6. Posted Information. If you are a member of the Site and create a dating profile, the Company cannot control who sees your information or what those people do with your information. DO NOT INCLUDE PERSONALLY IDENTIFYING INFORMATION IN YOUR PROFIILE ON THE SITE, SUCH AS YOUR NAME, POSTAL ADDRESS, EMAIL ADDRESS, AND TELEPHONE NUMBER. Please use discretion and common sense when posting information to your public profile on the Site.